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Den här filmen är så fin, vilken kärlek Alex visar för sin mamma som han vill ska träffa en partner. Därför har han gjort den här filmen om sin mamma. Den har redan över 2 miljoner visningar på Youtube.

Än vet vi inte om hans mamma har fått napp, men så här skriver han på Youtube:

I would like to introduce you to my mother, Eva, who´s single and deserves a good man. If you are that man or know someone who could be, than please contact us at:

music: original score from TheBandsGonnaMakeIT as well as one track: ”three” by Cameron Ernst, which i have bought the rights to use for this little short through MusicBed.

I would like to give an extra special thanks to Wenche Selvig Johansen for all her endless support, you´re awesome Swanks. Also to the Dampling brothers Jonathan and Sebastian Lundmark, John Jacobsen, Anthony Huus and all my other good friends for pushing me to get things done, thanks again:)

And last but not least i would like to thank my mother for being so brave that she let me post this video, and at the same time exposing her to the world. Please be kind to her and everyone else, including animals. We all deserve to be loved:)”


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